About me

Back in the Philippines! Geared up and ready to enter the water for a night dive while visiting Dauin in March 2022.

A bit about me…. My name is Bill Stewart. I’m a former U.S. Navy photographer and photo-journalist. I was certified as a PADI Open Water Diver while stationed in Florida. I retired from the Navy in 2012.  I love to travel and have visited 29 countries (so far).  I joined the pro ranks in 2009 when I earned Divemaster certification. In December 2017 I completed my Instructor Development Course with Dive Oahu in Hawaii and successfully passed the PADI Instructor Exam. I also earned certification to teach 17 specialties. I moved to Guam in the spring of 2018 where I started Guam Underwater Adventures, working out of Micronesia Divers Association in Piti.  I went on to be recognized as a PADI Master Scuba Diver Trainer later that year.  There are definitely worse things to do in retirement than get paid to go scuba diving!

While living on Guam, in addition to teaching scuba diving and offering my services as a dive guide, I also decided to go back to school. Although I’m retired and dont really need the degree I’m a person who has always loved learning and books. In August 2018 I started at the University of Guam working on my BS in Biology.

Following the beginning of the pandemic, I closed Guam Underwater Adventures in May 2020. After deciding it was time to be closer to family, I left Guam in 2021 and moved home to Texas. Although, I’m currently at a 116 semester hours, I’ve paused college for now. With that many hours I’m sure I’ll go back at some point!  In the meantime, since coming home I’ve been enjoying retirement and pursuing other interests. As the world continues to slowly get back to normal, I do believe there will other underwater adventures to come!