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I’ve been very busy this week.  I’m continuing to learn and research the self-publishing field.  My career in the Navy included opportunities to write along with my primary responsibilities as a photographer while serving from 1976-1986 and later during 12 years in the Naval Reserves.  My last assignment in the Reserves was as the Unit Public Affairs Coordinator while assigned to the USS John F. Kennedy CV-67 from 1999-2001.

I returned to active duty the end of 2001 and retired the beginning of 2012. My second stint on active duty I changed jobs working in a different field. I continued to write though as report writing was a regular part of my duties.  I also discovered that I could write about diving online and was a regular contributor for a time on a couple of online forums.

At the same time I’ve been researching self-publishing, I’ve been doing the research for my first book and preparing for my upcoming trip to Puerto Galera.  I’m over 3000 words into what I expect to be a 15,000-25,000 word e-book. I plan to self-publish on Amazon and I will definitely keep everyone posted when it comes out. This will be the first of what I expect to be several e-books on diving in the Philippines.

I’ll be heading to Puerto Galera the end of next week after renewing my visa.  I’m planning at least a month there while I finish my book. Expect the latest information on planning a trip to one of the top destinations in the Philippines!

Last but not least was the work involved in getting my website up and running.  Please bear with me as this is a work in progress!

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